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    As we all are very aware, COVID-19 has disrupted the education system throughout the UK. We welcomed our apprentice into the company back in June last year, with uncertainty facing us with his College start date due to the pandemic. We are very happy to announce that he actually completed his first week in college (albeit online learning), but we are thankful that the study element of his apprenticeship has now begun, because all the experience he is building up whilst onsite, can now start to be transferred into his academic portfolio.

    Thankfully, our apprentice is a forward thinking, hardworking and very proactive, and has settled into the company very well, learning vital skills that will no doubt will be very advantageous to his learning and development. Whilst he has been with us, he has accompanied all our engineers on a range of works, from shop fit-outs to sub station works. (He is NEVER left unsupervised whilst onsite).

    At NLT Electrical we support the development and learning for the new generation of tradespeople, and currently have a waiting list for apprentices to join our company. We are proud to support the local education industry by offering apprenticeships to budding Electricians. Due to the nature of our works we carry out, there is never a dull day and no two days are the same – which is a perfect recipe for both Apprentices and employees.

    Posted on 22nd January 2021