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    NLT Electrical

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    If you require highly skilled and experienced commercial electricians, look no further than NLT Electrical.

    Whilst being based in the Midlands, we can offer our services nationwide. Our dedicated team can provide a comprehensive electrical service for a host of commercial buildings throughout the Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Birmingham areas, and can even travel nationwide. Offering our high-quality work to a variety of customers around the UK.

    Regular commercial settings include:

    • Factories
    • Offices
    • Schools, colleges & universities
    • Retail
    • Leisure

    Our team of commercial electricians can perform a wide range of work, including full and certified electrical testing and inspection, installation and maintenance of electrical systems. With years of experience, our electricians are well-versed in working with lighting and CCTV systems, along with repair and rewiring projects. Our impressive portfolio of case studies is testament to our dedication and passion to the industry, from fitting out a brand-new commercial extension to installing the lighting for an outdoor pitch or leisure centre.


    Highly skilled, we’re able to work quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption and inconvenience to the running of your business. Whatever your individual requirements, you can count on us for a reliable, professional solution.

    Upgrade to LED Lighting

    Require high-quality LED alternatives to your current lighting?

    It’s important to keep your business facilities, including any outdoor spaces, well-lit to adhere to HSE regulations.

    HSE guidance Lighting at Work stipulates, ‘Lighting at work is very important to the health and safety of everyone using the workplace. The quicker and easier it is to see a hazard, the more easily it is avoided. The types of hazard present at work therefore determine the lighting requirements for safe operation.’

    Find efficient LED alternatives today