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    Upgrade your lighting! Book a free LED lighting consultation!

    Let us calculate how much upgrading to LED lights can save your business annually.


      LED lights are much brighter than incandescent and fluorescent lights; meaning fewer lights are needed for the same result.

      More efficient

      Using only one-sixth the electricity that traditional bulbs use, LED’s are a much more efficient and eco-friendly way to light your premises.

      Cheaper to use

      At around 75% cheaper to run than conventional lighting, LED lights can help save you money on your lighting costs.

      Longer lasting

      If being more efficient, cheaper to run and brighter wasn’t enough, LED’s last roughly 40 times longer than traditional bulbs.

      After a site visit and inspection, our team will be able to calculate your annual lighting cost savings. Upgrading from your existing lighting set up to LED’s will help reduce your annual energy costs as well as energy consumption.

      Unlike traditional lighting replacement, when using LED’s, it is often the case that fewer lights are needed to offer the same amount of light. This allows premises to optimise and reconfigure lighting set ups to offer a better quality of light.

      Whether you’re in a office, warehouse, factory, retail outlet or car garage, it is important to keep your business well lit to adhere to HSE regulations. Outdoor spaces can also benefit from LED lighting, with security lighting and flood lighting for car parks and walkways, helping to ensure staff safety all year round.

      How it works

      1. After an initial telephone consultation, we will arrange a site visit to see how many lights you have and discuss which style of LED light you would like. It is also good to know your rate for kWh you get from your provider to help us workout an accurate saving.


      2. From the information gathered a lighting calculation will be provided to you, considering lux levels, and ensuring an even coverage of light. If you’re happy with the savings, we will send a quote for the work to be completed.

      3. Complete works. If you’re happy with your annual savings and quote, we can start work on upgrading your premises to LED lights. All your old lighting will be taken away by us and disposed of safely and responsibly as we have a Waste Disposal Certificate.