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    With overseas travel looking increasingly unlikely, it seems this may just be the year for a staycation. So, why not invest your holiday money in your garden this summer and make your outdoor space the most incredible place to be?

    Adding power outdoors opens up all sorts of possibilities for transforming your home’s garden area, however big or small, into a welcoming space that you can enjoy chilling on your own or as an entertainment space for friends and family.

    We’ve put together some of our favourite suggestions of how outdoor power can be used to add cool stuff to your garden.

    Garden lighting

    Solar lighting and candles can only get you so far. When it comes to illuminating your garden to create beautiful effects and to make it a useable space long into the warm evenings, powered lighting is the best solution. If you’re spending time and money creating a gorgeous seating or entertainment area, you won’t regret planning in some exterior lighting to complete the project.

    Or, if you want to sit inside and still enjoy the fruits of your gardening labour looking out at your floral displays, feature lighting installed into your flowerbeds can be a beautiful thing.

    Take a look at these garden lighting ideas from homify for inspiration.

    Water feature

    If you can’t sit and enjoy the calming sounds of the sea, a water feature in your garden can be a close second best to create that little bit of zen and help you switch off and chill. Whether you want to go all out and build a fantasy fountain or are content with a small, bijou bowl and stones affair, installing a relaxing water feature doesn’t need to be an arduous task.

    You will need an electric pump, however, and lighting can also make it that little bit more striking. If you have time on your hands, you could try out one of these DIY outdoor fountain ideas from Country Living.

    Plug and play hot tub

    If a water feature you look at simply isn’t enough, how about one you can plunge into?

    Once the reserve of the rich, garden hot tubs have now become an outdoor accessory that’s accessible to all with inflatable versions starting at very affordable prices.

    Set up your own spa area with a gazebo and twinkly lights and suddenly you won’t want to leave your own back yard! Check out the variety on offer at Wayfair.

    Electric patio heater

    It’s a fact that the evenings in Britain can get a bit chilly. We don’t have the luxury of warm Mediterranean nights, which might make you think twice about sitting out beyond dusk. Before you reach for the blanket or head for the sofa, however, try this simple solution and plug in an electric patio heater.

    Electric heaters are less bulky than gas and easily portable, meaning you can move them around your garden to wherever you want them. They come in all shapes and sizes with table top, wall mounted, under-umbrella and free-standing versions available and come in a range of designs that can look quite stylish.

    This feature by designrhome.com takes you through some of the options.

    Outdoor bar

    For the ultimate outdoor entertainment space, why not go all out and build your very own bar? Installing power sockets in your garden will enable the addition of lighting and a drinks fridge, meaning it doesn’t just look cool, you can keep your cocktails cold too.

    If you can’t quite picture how this could look, there’s a host of ideas on Pinterest – complete with construction instructions if you want to give it a go.

    A private outdoor cinema experience

    If you’ve experienced one of the outdoor cinemas that were all the rage last summer, you might like the idea of recreating a private screening of a favourite film in your own back garden. Invite a few of your friends, plug in a projector, prepare some popcorn and pick your movie!

    Ideal Home shows you how in this garden ideas feature.

    A greenhouse grow light

    How can we forget the greenhouse?! For the keen gardeners out there who don’t just want to laze around in their garden, but invest time in growing and nurturing plants to adorn it, a kitted-out greenhouse is a must.

    As the inconsistent British weather means sunshine is not a constant throughout the summer months, seedlings might benefit from a little artificial help in the shape of a grow light. This handy little addition also means you can grow plants out of season, making it an all-year-round activity.
    The question is, where to start?

    Greenhouse Growing has done the research for you to help you decide on the most suitable lighting for your needs.

    Gardening power tools

    Keeping on top of the garden is much easier, of course, if you have the right tools for the job. There’s a multitude of electrical power tools to ease the once back-breaking work – and an outdoor power socket makes them much easier to use, without the hazards of extension leads hanging out the kitchen window.

    If you don’t know your strimmers from your trimmers, however, we suggest you do your research and discover the best makes and models for the task at hand. Which? is a great source for product reviews.

    A garden office or hobby room

    Garden buildings have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and are now considered perfect solutions for home offices, hobby and games rooms or even guest accommodation. The range of designs mean there’s a suitable fit for any size of garden and it doesn’t take much to create the perfect cosy cabin getaway where you can do your own thing for a while in peace and quiet.

    When planning your little pad, however, remember to give some thought to power. If you are wanting to work from your garden hub, it’s well worth getting your garden building professionally wired and fitted with lighting, power and internet cabling.

    From spherical pods to shepherd’s huts or made-to-measure garden studios, take a look at these Real Homes ideas to suit various spaces and budgets.

    If we’ve convinced you that powering up your garden is a great investment, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and help set you on the right path.

    Our professional team work across the Midlands and can help with any scale of electrical installation, from weatherproof sockets to an outdoor lighting design or garden building fit out.

    Call for more information on 01827 767100.

    Posted on 1st April 2020