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    Client: Dordon Co-op

    The Brief

    A new-build co-op shop required a full electrical installation from supplied site drawings. This included connection to mains power and installation of distribution board, all light fittings and sockets and powering air conditioning and chilled units.

    We were involved from early planning stages, to support the compilation of site drawings and help the client choose the most efficient and effective fittings and ensure correct placement.

    The Solution

    Once on-site, temporary power was installed initially to allow for safe works within the premises. This provided us with power sockets and lighting to enable us to complete the installation.

    Electrical installation phases included both internal and external fittings as follows:

    First Fix

    • Containment of wired basket tray around building
    • Laying of cables from distribution board to required points
    • Cables down walls to knock-out boxes
    • Laying steel wired armoured cable from distribution board to outside lamp posts
    • Connecting power to sign work on building
    • Connecting power to all bulkhead light fittings around building

    Second Fix

    • All internal and external lighting completed and secured
    • All power points terminated
    • Air conditioning units terminated
    • Chiller units terminated
    • Installed and terminated power sockets to fitted counters

    All electrical installation works were carried out according to the supplied drawings, tested and certified by us with documentation produced for the client to satisfy building regulations.

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    Posted on 6th August 2020