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    Client – Naturex, Swadlincote

    The brief

    A large industrial customer approached us for an industrial installation project. They needed both power and data cables running from an existing building to seven new temporary Portakabins. Two cabins required a 40a 3-phase power supply and five required a 25a single phase supply. This included the installation of a new 250amp distribution board, seven new isolator switches and approximately 42m of tray.

    The solution

    After an initial site visit a plan was put in place to establish the most efficient and safest way to carry out the project. As a busy production and distribution facility, the decision was made that all cables needed to be overhead and out of the way of any foot or vehicle traffic. Running tray alongside existing structures meant work could be completed quicker and with minimal disruption to facility operations.

    First, a length of tray was attached to the existing bridge over a busy traffic route, to allow us to run cable from the building with the new distribution board and along into dispatch. At each end of the bridge, a hole was drilled. One from the roof cavity of the existing building and one through into the dispatch building.

    Moving into dispatch, tray was laid along the ceiling where it could meet the outdoor bridge, then attached along the ceiling beams and run down, where the cable would then be fed out of dispatch to the new isolator switches. Having the tray facing inwards means that cable is easily accessible and naturally sits better.

    Once outside, a new board was secured to some railing and 7 new isolator switches installed. The power was then tested and made ready for the team to install power into the cabins from the isolator switches. The last thing for our team to do was to install the CAT6 data cables to the new cabins. Following the same route as the 7 armoured cables. The more delicate data cables were gently pulled over 100m before connecting to the new servers.

    We have worked with NLT Electrical for years and are always happy with the quality of work carried out. We are demolishing our existing lab buildings so needed power to be supplied to the new temporary cabins. Bringing power from our canteen building over a busy traffic route means our operations won’t be disrupted and most of the work is hidden. The engineers always follow strict health and safety protocol and make sure to work around our operations to minimise any disruption. The work was carried out quickly and efficiently.
    Colin Belcher

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    Posted on 8th June 2021