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    Client – Forterra Building Products Ltd

    Location – Accrington

    Services – LED Lighting Installation

    The Brief

    • Lock off, tag off and try out power to lighting circuit
    • Disconnect and remove old lighting
    • Supply and install 68 230W LED light fittings
    • Supply and install 42 150W LED light fittings
    • Take lock and tag off, power up circuit and test lighting function

    Out with the old, in with the new

    After years of being the ‘specials department’, producing ornate sculptures and special bricks, the larger of the two buildings will now be a new brick slip plant. The smaller building used to be the brick plant, producing high-quality 65mm and 75mm class A smooth bricks. The Accrington site produces around 52 million bricks a year.

    Forterra Accrington required a large lighting upgrade in three areas at the site. Both low and high-level lighting, which had been used to light the site for years, needed to be replaced. Some of the original lights had been used for almost 30 years! With the oldest light last being dated in 1983.

    The now derelict areas of the site had over 110 new LED light fittings installed. The contrast between old and new shows the impact LED lights can have on a space. Brighter, cleaner light creates a safer space to work as well as energy savings. A rough saving calculation (seen below) will save the site just over £2,000* a year on lighting.

    Rough saving calculation based on:

    • 14p per Kwh
    • 10 hours a day
    • 5 days a week
    • 52 weeks a year
    • Just over £2,000 a year saving!

    In each of the areas, strict health and safety guidelines were followed and barriers were set up around each working area. All machinery used was stored in a safe location overnight to ensure no disruption to the 24-hour operation.

    Posted on 19th October 2021