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    We hear this a lot in our trade. Its hard to see the value in something that we take for granted, and something that we cannot see…. but when it goes wrong, the consequences can be fatal.

    Electricity cannot be seen, its distribution and placement must be carefully thought out, planned, and maintained.

    We had the opportunity to work in a foundry recently, we were mesmerized by the machines that are in use and the skills still being utilized by the workers to press the steel.

    However, our visit was initiated by the owner because a cable had sustained some serious damage by a forklift running into it and dragging it from its holding place.

    The cable was a 10mm 4 core steel wired armoured cable capable of carrying a substantial amount of power.

    Cable Burnt

    The damage to the cable blew out fuses and transformers, but luckily no person was injured as the incident took place.

    You can see from the 1st pictures how and why this cable sustained the damage it did, the cable was trailing down a machine, because the containment had been damaged, leaving the cable exposed.

    Foundry Trunking

    We have now rectified the damage caused – much to the joy of our customer who needed the machine back up and running promptly.

    At a recent job where a new machine had been delivered, the client requested the cabling to be contained safely. This was the result of discussions with the client…

    New machine installed with tray, cable and distribution board

    The cables are secured and are contained in a safe manner, allowing free movement around the machine, thus satisfying the Health and Safety Officer, and our engineers perfectionist tendencies!

    So the answer to the question – why are electricians so expensive – its simple, these highly trained professionals have spent years gaining valuable experience in this trade and have exceptional in depth knowledge and technical ability, not forgetting the ongoing training and accreditations it takes to keep their qualifications up-to-date. Regardless of this though, it is a risky job, and if carried out incorrectly, can have devastating effects. Your safety is in our hands, and that responsibility is always going to have a cost attached to it.

    Stay safe people! And remember – just because you cannot see electricity does not mean it cannot cause you harm!

    Posted on 3rd March 2021