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An EICR (previously known as a Periodic Inspection) is a legally required report that highlights the condition of an existing electrical installation to identify any deficiencies.

An EICR will:

  • Identify if any electrical circuits or equipment
    are overloaded
  • Detect any potential electrical shock risk
  • Discover any fire hazards
  • Find any defective DIY electrical work
  • Reveal any lack of protective earth/bonding
  • Detail the type of fixed wiring system and its condition
  • Test residual current devices
  • Discover wear and tear, damage or other
  • We are fully qualified in inspection and testing
    and can issue all the necessary certification and carry out any repairs that
    may be required

There are two types of EICR report: 

  • Visual condition report – this doesn’t include testing, and only suitable if the electrics have been tested recently
  • Periodic inspection reports – the recommended standard of service – this report ensures the electrics are both visually and physically tested, to highlight any hidden damage

All of our electricians at NLT are trained to conduct EICR reports, to help ensure your business is fully compliant with health and safety regulations.